And once again, summer is here.  This past school year was the busiest yet, but also the best because I tried so many new things and felt that I had a true college experience.  I learned that I don't have to spend every minute studying to get good grades, and that in fact life is much more fulfilling when you spend spare time in other ways.  However, I did greatly miss blogging so hopefully this summer I will be able to reconnect with all of you and continue to share my love for food!  Also be prepared for some posts with pictures of Italy sprinkled in here and there as I recently returned from a three week vacation to the beautiful country with my family.

Now, what better way to return to the blogosphere than to participate in my favorite WIAW party?! 
These are Monday's eats (with a few recycled pictures from Sunday because some of the meals were just too good to not repeat)!

I'm still recovering from jet lag so I was up by 5am!  Breakfast was so good though that I really didn't mind.  Like most of the blog world, I enjoy  pumpkin all year long.  These pumpkin pie pancakes were the best pumpkin pancakes I've ever had!  They were adapted from a recipe on instagram and were just incredible.  I didn't even need or want to top them with anything - they were perfect on there own!  I also had an apple and my daily mug of green tea.  Breakfast perfection.
My morning snack was my favorite KIND bar flavor.  I will never tire of the sweet and salty combo!
Lunch was a repeat of Sundays' lunch - Vegetable cream cheese spread on Rudi's seven grain bread, a peanut butter chocolate chip chickpea blondie, steamed broccoli with honey mustard, and almond milk with vanilla protein powder!  When I went to Italy, we flew into Zurich and stopped for lunch in Luzern.  There I had the most amazing sandwich that was simply cucumber and cream cheese on a hardy bread roll.  I couldn't stop thinking about that sandwich the whole trip and this was my first attempt at an at home recreation!
Afternoon snacking consisted of some gorgeous fresh berries and a black forest carbmaster yogurt!  It was my first time trying this flavor, but after one bite I was in love.
While in Italy, I got an intense craving for Mexican food, and Monday night, I satisfied that craving with my favorite vegetable enchiladas and black beans from my local Mexican restaurant.
And of course no day would be complete without dessert.  I topped a peanut butter chickpea blondie with Halo Top chocolate ice cream, truwhip, and Walden Farms caramel sauce.  So good!  I've been having this combination every night this week.
Do you see batman?  Clearly I have talent in pouring caramel sauce. ;)

Now how have all of you been?!


06/04/2014 08:37


Yes, all caps was REALLY necessary! I'm like askdfjsld but in a good way since you're back! I'd forgotten how much food envy I've gotten from your blog. I don't even care that now I'm craving pancakes and peanut butter chickpea blondies. I'm so glad you're back girl! How on earth are you?

06/05/2014 18:42

Katherine I've missed you so much!! I'm doing great and really enjoying life! How are you doing?!

06/04/2014 09:46

SO happy you're back!! As always, all of your meals look sooo delicious. I'm intrigued by that veggie cream cheese spread! And that kind bar flavor? The Best. So excited to hear all about Italy!

06/04/2014 16:34

Welcome back!!! And your eats look soooo yummy! I guess I'm like you (and the rest of the blog world) I love pumpkin anytime!! I need to eat it more though! Those pancakes look delicious! And I love Kind bars! That's my fave kind! :)


I'm so glad that you're back!!! Pumpkin pie pancakes and green tea sounds like an unbeatable breakfast combo! Everything you posted looks delicious! I want to try that sandwich and those blondies! I hope to see some Italy photos soon. ;)

06/04/2014 19:17

Welcome back! I totally took a break from blogging during college too but am also happy to be back! Your WIAW looked delicious. I too share the Mexican food love :)

06/05/2014 04:57

Yay!!! You are back!!! I sure missed your posts and comments, Alex!
I hadn't been hungry at all today - at least till I saw those pumpkin pie pancakes - now my stomach is like hellooooo - give me some! now! And no day is complete without dessert for sure! :)

06/05/2014 09:37

I would LOVE to do a face plant into that stack of pancakes!!!!

06/05/2014 20:03

Welcome back!
You sure do have a talent for pouring caramel sauce, haha! And you went to Italy for three weeks?! Sounds amazing!

06/06/2014 07:47

Yay for being back! I so agree with your first statement about not having to study all the time. College offers too many fun times to sit in the library all day! ;)

06/06/2014 21:15

Welcome back buddy! As usual, the amazing eats and pancakes!

Cannot wait to hear about Italy- Love your previous recaps!

06/09/2014 06:53

OH MY how I have missed your posts!! SO GLAD you're back and it's time for SUMMER!

06/09/2014 12:56

Welcome back! It sounds like you've been up to some great things the last few months : ) And now I want to go make some chickpea brownies! haha

11/21/2015 23:53

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12/28/2015 12:14

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01/03/2016 11:05

You're back! It's awesome.


I get re-motivated. These foods take over your life, body, and soul.


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