Hello everyone!  It is time for me to spill my Italian adventures to you!  Obviously there is more than can fit into a single post, but I have to start somewhere!  I realize that Part 1 isn't a very creative title, but I thought it was better than a laundry list title of all the different places I talk about in each post, so they will be broken into "parts".  Who wants to read a title that's five or so lines long?!  But I digress....

We flew into Zurich, Switzerland and spent our first afternoon exploring Luzern.  Of course we had to walk across Chapel Bridge, which was absolutely lovely and so "old" feeling, almost like walking back in time.
We also hiked up to the top of a hill, and our eyes were rewarded with some gorgeous views of the town and the Swiss Alps.  Unfortunately it was a rather cloudy day so we couldn't get a full view of the Alps, but what we could see was beautiful.
A clock tower at the top of the hill.
It was in Luzern that I had the amazing cream cheese and cucumber sandwich that I was talking about in my last post.  It may not look like much, but you can't judge a sandwich by it's appearance.  Behold...
We stayed the evening in Genoa, a coastal town in northern Italy.  But to get there, we had to drive through the picture-perfect Swiss Alps.  
I love Colorado mountains, but they still don't quite stand up to the Swiss Alps. The mountains towering over the road were lined with hundreds of waterfall streams.  It was truly beautiful.

When we arrived in Genoa, we had one thing on our mind: food!  So we walked down to the water and settled with a classic for dinner.  Can't go to Italy without having pizza, am I right?!
My mom and I split this margherita pizza.  We imagined that, being in Italy, it would be cloaked in basil (which we were excited for because we both LOVE basil) so we were a bit disappointed when we found only a tiny sprig.  It was still a good pizza though!  The crust was the thinnest, most "cracker-y" crust I'd ever had, which was nice because it made the meal light and not too filling, leaving plenty of room for gelato. ;)  My dad had informed us before we left on our trip that we must eat gelato everyday, so this was our first round of it.  I had strawberry, which was nice and refreshing!
The next morning, we departed Genoa, and our Italian adventures began!
We did spend some time in the country exploring some smaller towns, but for the most part, we acted like the tourists we were and hit the major sites.  I mean, how could we not see the Leaning Tower of Pisa?!
Outside was magnicient, but my brother and I decided that it was also necessary to hike to the top.  Thus we embarked up the spiral staircase together and found that not only does the tower look tilted - it also feels tilted from the inside!

The top of the tower had some amazing views of the surrounding area.
That night for dinner, we ate at a local restaurant in a small walled city.
We had bread to start, as we did in most restaurants we ate at in Italy, and then ordered sheep cheese with honey and walnuts as an appetizer.  Cheese and honey was a pretty common thing in Italy, and after trying it, I know why!  I want to try it again here at home because it is truly a wonderful combination of sweet and salty.
For my main course, I ordered the vegetable soup.  It was a very simple soup, but one that I found to be quite common in Italy.  It was almost like minestrone but with very few beans and no pasta.
The gelato for the day was once again strawberry!
Well these are only the first few days, but I think this post is already long enough, so the adventures will continue next time!  I hope everyone is having a lovely week!


06/12/2014 13:31

One of my best friends just finished a semester in Switzerland, and she absolutely loved it. They visited a TON of the places you visited, so I'm loving hearing all about it! Europe is just so stunning to me. Italy is totally on my bucket list. Especially eating gelato in Italy. That's very important!

06/13/2014 08:14

Wow, you took such amazing pictures!! It looks like you had a fabulous time!!

I know you have been all over Europe. What have your favorite countries been?? I know it's probably hard to choose!

06/20/2014 05:35

That is definitely a tough one! I really loved Greece and Italy, but my favorite may have to be England. I just love the atmosphere there! :)

06/13/2014 19:41

Oh wow, your adventures sound so great so far! How long was your trip in total :)?

06/20/2014 06:15

Almost three weeks! :)

06/14/2014 02:56

Those mountains are beautiful and I approve of your dad's contention for gelato everyday- Although fruit gelato is a sin in Italy amidst all their amazing cream flavours!

06/14/2014 05:54

Oh my gosh, Italy looks AMAZING! I'm so jealous! Someday I'll travel in Europe.. it's my dream. I love how you ate authentic Italian food!! And I had no idea you can actually climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Swiss Alps look beautiful! So excited to hear more!

06/14/2014 10:41

This looks like such a fun trip!! I really want to go to Italy! It looks like such a fun trip! :) The gelato looks delightful!

Charolette Clegg
06/14/2014 15:09

I have been waiting for this! Know you had a great time as Marita and I did in Hawaii. I will have to look and see if I can find the recipe for pumpkin pie pancakes. Pancakes are not one of my favorite foods but these sound like trying. I like especially that your recipes are for one. Love you!

06/16/2014 06:13

Wow! I'm not sure how I missed this trip, but it looks fabulous! Especially all the tasty treats :)

06/16/2014 08:59

Ugh! I could not be more envious! I need to travel, NOW! I am itching to get out of the states. I haven't left since 2010, and it needs to happen again, RIGHT NOW!!!!! Thank you for at least letting my imagination leave the country! ;)

06/22/2014 17:36

Well you definitely have me craving a cream cheese and cucumber sandwich now! haha Awesome photos - I'm so jealous of your trip! : )


I don't know how I missed this post earlier! Oh my goodness, Alex, you took some absolutely gorgeous photos! Those mountains...and bridges...and clock towers! They all make me want to get to Italy as fast as I can! Wow! And I'm drooling after looking at that pizza, cheese and honey, and of course the gelato! Strawberry was my favorite gelato flavor in Spain, so I'm willing to bet it is even better in Italy!

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06/01/2015 05:07

Piza and italian icecream - what can be the better vacation?)


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