Happy first day of 2014 everyone!!  You may have noticed that I didn't write the infamous New Year's resolution post, and that is because, to be honest, I'm pretty happy with my life, and there's not a lot I'm looking to change.  However, one thing that I do want to work on is not stressing myself out so much about school.  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that that was my goal for this past semester.  Yeah, that didn't exactly go as planned... but it's a new year so no use dwelling on the past!  Here's to a stress free (or at least less stress) 2014!

Did everyone have a good New Year's Eve?  I rang in the new year with some awesome chocolate and a 5k!  So without further ado, let's jump into WIAW!
The last day of my 2013 started with an apple and green tea (just like most any other morning), and was followed by waffles!  I've had a couple of waffle failures lately (you guys know about the worst one), so I went with my go-to waffle recipe.  I always make them with spelt flour and an egg white, and they never dissapoint.  Plus, I figured they were good carbs to load up on for my 5k!
Obviously they didn't hold together completely, but they still tasted amazing!

Mid-morning I snacked on some kale chips, and then at lunch time I dug into this plate:
Once again, I was going for carbs, and a sweet potato seemed like a good choice!  (But then again, when is a sweet potato NOT a good choice?!)  I covered it in loads of peanut flour paste and cinnamon and had it along with Kashi hummus crisps (addicted) and roasted brussels sprouts.

After lunch, it was chocolate time!  My mom and I make homemade truffles every year, and let me tell you what, they are the best truffles on the planet.  And no, I'm not exaggerating one bit. ;)  I would say they aren't the slightest bit healthy as the only two ingredients are chocolate and heavy cream, but we all know that chocolate, with all those antioxidants, is practically a health food.  Or if you don't buy that, will you at least buy that these little gems are good for the soul?
So we made them (and of course, had to taste test them), and then my dad dipped licorice.  We ended up with quite a bit of melted chocolate left over, so we went a liiiiittle crazy.  I dipped and ate a pistachio, macadamia nut, almond, spicy chipotle peanut (so good!), blueberry, and raspberry.  Just look at that gorgeous chocolate-covered raspberry!!  I dipped it so that it ended up filled with chocolate.  Move over strawberries, there's a new berry in town.
By the way, that is my mom's beautiful hand not mine. :)
We also dipped, and have yet to try, lemon ginger chews, oreo cookies, peppermint stick, orange segments, and lime segments.  And we made some pistachio clusters and spicy chipotle peanut clusters.  I would show you a picture of the pistachio clusters I made, but you might be eating, and they're not exactly appetizing (they kind of look like a bird had an accident in the house... and we'll leave it at that).

About half an hour before we headed to the race, I had my pre-run snack of a piece of toast with peanut butter and banana.
The 5k was in the dark which was a new and rather fun experience!
It was on a college campus so luckily they had rented a classroom for registration.
There were around 400 participants in the 5k, which seemed like quite a bit to me considering there were about that many in the half marathon that I did in September.  When I first signed up, I was worried that it would be cold, but being dressed in my warm running clothes, it was the perfect running temperature!
The start line!
To be honest, this race was tough for me.  Really tough.  Overall, I'm fairly out of shape because my foot hasn't allowed to be run a lot.  I took the three days before the race completely off from running in the hopes that it would be fine for this run, but it started hurting not too long after the start.  I probably should have stopped, but when I'm in that running atmosphere,  I can't give it any less than my all.  That is honestly one of the things that I love about running, but this time it worked against me.  I kept up a steady pace through out the course, but my foot was hurting, and I felt like I was going to throw up.  Still, I picked up the pace and sprinted for about the last tenth of a mile and passed everyone that was between me and the finish.  I have to say that that felt good!  Until I stopped running, almost threw up, and couldn't really walk.

My official time was 25:46 (which I was pretty proud of considering everything!), and I got second in my age group.
Today, my foot hurts.  A lot.  And I'm just praying that I didn't mess it up for good.  Looking back, perhaps I should have just walked it, but that is much easier said than done!  Even though I've never considered myself a very competitive person, that changes a bit when I enter the racing environment.  But let's move on to brighter topics... such as food!

We had planned to go to Panera afterwards (one of my favorite restaurants ever!), but it had closed early for New Year's Eve.  I was so sad!  We ended up going to a Thai restaurant instead and took the food to go.  I ordered some kind of a shrimp salad that sounded like it had a lot of interesting goodies in it, but it was awful!  It was basically a pile of rice noodles with a few shrimps.  The shrimp wasn't seasoned at all, and the rice noodles tasted like they had beed doused in nothing but fish sauce.  Especially after that run, it wasn't the slightest bit appetizing.  Instead, I took out the shrimp and dipped them in hot sauce.
Obviously that was no where near enough food to fill me up so I also had a bowl of peas and a wrap consisting of a flat-out wrap filled with hummus, provolone, avocado, lettuce, and tomato.  Much better!
Before turning in, I tried some of my dad's chocolate covered licorice, and even though I'm not a big fan of licorice, these were really good!
I guess another New Years resolution is to get my foot completely healed.  I have a half marathon in 18 days, but I'm going to look into switching to the early start and walking it.  It just isn't worth putting my foot through even more pain.  Hopefully I will get to see the doctor soon, and maybe they will take some x-rays.  The first doctor that I went to told me it was probably plantar fasciitis, but I'm not fully convinced it is.  I kind of hope it is though because I think that would be easier to heal than a fracture or something.  I just hope that someday it will no longer be an issue and that I can just run without worrying about it!

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe evening last night and that 2014 brings you joy and good times!  I am so thankful to have your continued love and support. <3


Have you ever dipped truffles, fruit, etc.?  What is the strangest thing you've had that was covered in chocolate?

Did you have a good New Year's Eve?


01/01/2014 10:24

I don't usually do new year's resolutions either but one of my goals is also to stress less! I feel like it's a goal every year but baby steps, right? I hope that your foot feels/gets better! I love the idea of a 5k on New Year's Eve - sounds fun!

12/06/2016 02:19

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01/01/2014 11:01

Looks like you had a great day! Bummer about Panera and the Thai food, but I feel like all those delicious chocolate truffles might have helped make it up ;).


01/01/2014 11:07

foot, pleeease be okay! That would be so terrible if it really is plantar fasciitis! Anyway, these eats look delish! I love the abundance of banana on your toast, and that wrap looks like heaven! I've never done a race in the dark before, it sounds like a ton of fun!

01/01/2014 11:18

I'm sorry about your foot!! I hope that you feel better!! That chocolate licorice looks delicious!! YUM :) Hope that you have a great New Year!! Happy 2014!!

01/01/2014 18:13

We've had homemade fondue several times, but we always ate whatever we dipped before letting it dry! The truffles look soooo amazing!

01/02/2014 04:16

Argh, Alex- sorry to hear about your foot- crossing my fingers for you it's nothing serious! I also hope this coming school year will be less stressful and more time devoted to enjoying yourself- although easier said than done ;)

Strangest thing dipped in chocolate? How about sweet pancakes with cauliflower hidden in it with a chocolate cream cheese sauce? ;)

01/02/2014 10:38

Oh wow - those truffles look fabulous! And that dipped raspberry - with the chocolate inside - it is a thing of beauty, a work of art, to be held and devoured - AND SHARED with all your 'blends' ;)

Thats an awesome time on your 5k -you have me beat even with your injured foot! A couple years ago, my daughter and I ran a "NYE flashlight 5k" with flashlights lighting our way - it was a lovely run - but so cold! So the last couple of years my daughter and I have done our own mid afternoon sunup run!

All your eats are fabulous and making me hungry and all I have is gum...now am gonna go forage around for food - Happy New Year Alex!

01/02/2014 11:51

Congrats lady!!! Also can we talk about those truffles?!?! WOW. Happy New Year beautiful friend! Only the best for you in 2014 xo

01/02/2014 14:33

chocolatey fuel is the best fuel! :D

01/02/2014 15:45

you are speedy! must be all that good fuel. you can feed me any day!

01/02/2014 17:38

Congrats on the race! I've never run a night race but I'd be nervous that I'd trip over my own two feet... I made a list of goals that I hope to make happen in 2014 (shared on ze blog today)!


Congrats! Those truffles look decadent and a perfect way to end 2013…Happy New Year :)


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